Completely Customisable

Enable and disable features as they apply to your business. Apply different settings to different types of clients/tutors. Set rates according to client, subject, level or even give free introductory lessons.

Lesson Management

Tutors can set their own availability, clients can request lessons and agency users can view all lessons, planned and historical.

Business Control

Easily keep track of all aspects of your business. Automatically prompt tutors to add timesheets and update documents to ensure you are compliant and profitable.

Internal Messaging

If you'd rather only enable tutors and clients to communicate via a controlled method, our internal messaging system means there's no need for them to share external contact details.

Complete Billing

Take and make payments online. Our billing system is flexible enough to meet the billing and compliancy needs of 99% of tutoring agencies, regardless of the business model. From pre-paid to post-paid, payments online or offline, we cover all the bases.

We are always upgrading and improving AgencyBranch, so if there's a feature you need and you're not sure we offer, get in touch and we'd be happy to help!